Springpad 2.2.4

Springpad goes mobile!


  • Free
  • Excellent syncing
  • Add lots of detail to tasks
  • Set reminders
  • Lots of skins, etc.
  • Excellent search


  • None so far


Springpad is a free note-taking app for Android that stands out thanks to super-integration with browser, desktop and web.

The Springpad app is really easy to use, but you’ll need to sign up. Don’t let this put you off though, because once you’ve done it, you’ll have access to the web, iPad and iPhone versions of Springpad too, which means that you’ll be able to sync your tasks at home, in the office and on the move.

Springpad works by creating notebooks, or grouped tasks. When you think of something you need to do, pick the relevant notebook, add the task and classify it according to what it is whether its a note, a task or a movie you need to look up online. Once the task is safely stored, you’ll be able to add media or more information, set a reminder or even add it to your Android home screen for even more direct access.

Springpad syncs quickly and automatically with the online version, so the information you’re seeing is always up to date. There aren’t many configuration options specifically for the mobile version, but you can set plenty of options for individual tasks and visually there’s a lot of flexibility with backgrounds and color schemes.

There are bunches of note taking apps for Android out there, and the Springpad vs. Evernote debate is a popular one. The main difference is definitely a visual one – Evernote goes for a minimalist approach, while Springpad aims for a softer appeal. Both are excellent apps however and to really be sure, we recommend downloading both and seeing which one meets your particular needs.

Springpad is an excellent free note-taking app for Android that really lets you harness the full power of the web.

Fixed issue with repeating events Additional bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with repeating events Additional bug fixes


Springpad 2.2.4

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